Angellozzi Tartuficoltura

Angellozzi Tartuficoltura is a family of truffle “hunters”, from Vallicella, a small village within the Municipality of Roccafluvione, an area in the Piceno hinterland, tied with truffles for 5 generations.

Deep Respect for Truffles

Gratitude for truffles, which were traded with basic necessities; they initially fed the family, then offered economic opportunities to the following generations, leading Angellozzi to truffles as their lifestyle.

Through years of research, the Angellozzi family has selected and reproduced the best local ecotypes of white truffles, winter black truffles, and black summer truffles; the technical knowledge acquired and implemented in truffle cultivation has ensured significant quantities throughout almost the whole year, ensuring truffle supply to all company’s customers.

Angellozzi Tartuficoltura's truffle grounds are located in the areas of Roccafluvione, Venarotta and Palmiano, in the Piceno region, where the climate is mitigated by the same distance between the sea and the mountains and the land have always shown a clear suitability for truffle production. These sandy, very loose and shallow grounds, with low presence of substrates, are located at an altitude between 300 and 600 meters above sea-level.

Respect for Truffles and Consumers

Angellozzi Tartuficoltura, is the fifth generation of a family of truffle hunters and the keeper of secrets related to truffle harvest that have refined the knowledge they acquired and apply it in order to improve the techniques for growing truffles.
While becoming a business in time, thanks to the strong bond with truffle products, which has first fed the family and then ensured economic opportunities, Angellozzi Tartuficoltura decided to ensure the best quality of products from the beginning.
This was the choice that makes it different from all the businesses that take advantage of lack of knowledge to sell fake products, where truffles are almost or totally non-existent, because products are obtained with synthetic oils, such as truffle oil, cream, truffle butter, sauces, cheese, and many other products that give unaware consumers only the illusion of eating truffles.