summer black truffles pulp
white truffles pulp
winterr black truffles pulp

The three most precious truffle-varieties

Angellozzi Tartuficoltura has chosen to produce the three most appreciated truffle varieties:


The white truffle variety has smooth yellow ochre or olive yellow skin. The pulp is pale brown with white veins.
The shape is related to the nature of the soil. It is smooth and can also be very round. This truffle ripens from October to December, has a particularly strong smell, slightly garlicky with very intense flavour.


The winter black truffle variety ripens from December to late March. Its peridium (skin) is warty, matte black, and warts are not very prominent. The shape is depressed at the top, and the colour is reddish at the base.
The pulp is purple-black crossed by numerous thin white veins that become black after sterilisation


The summer black truffle is a variety harvested from late May through December, easily recognizable by the coarsely warty glossy black skin. The pulp is dark brown with numerous thin white streaks, which disappear during the sterilisation process.

Angellozzi Tartuficoltura’s Truffle-Products

Angellozzi Truffles USA Corporation distributes Angellozzi Tartuficoltura’s products which are: Fresh truffles,Truffles in brine, Frozen truffles.
Truffles undergo a first selection as soon as they are harvested and, after washing carried out only by hand to preserve their aesthetic appearance related to any possible abrasions caused by mechanical washing. The final and meticulous selection is carried out on every single truffle, in relation to each parameter aesthetic-qualitative parameter.

Truffle Hunting

There are no truffle dogs. There are dogs and there are truffles. Angellozzi Tartuficoltura's 18 dogs of different breeds, after a long game-training period, accompany Emidio and Zenobio during the truffle hunting period, i.e. only when truffles are fully ripe. The choice of their adventure companions is made every time, depending on the ground, weather conditions, and soil characteristics and, why not, depending on the dog’s mood!

Refusing Truffles Aromas

The respectful bond between the Angellozzi family and truffles is the reason for refusing the production of products “with truffle aroma”, that is all those fake truffle-flavoured products such as oils, butters, sauces… obtained with a synthetic aroma (called bismethylthiomethane). This choice has made Angellozzi tartuficoltura unique in this sector!!!