Who Vanda Angellozzi is

Raised in Vallicella di Roccafluvione, a charming village close to the Sibillini Mountains, Vanda Angellozzi is the 28-years-old second daughter of Emidio Angellozzi who, along with his brother Zenobio, works as a fifth generation truffle-hunter.
Therefore, Vanda belongs to a very famous family in the world of truffles. She decided to continue her family business just after completing her language studies.
She founded Angellozzi Truffles USA Corporation - based in Manhattan, NY - in 2015, together with her siblings Giuseppe and Nadia and her cousin Annarita. they will distribute Angellozzi Tartuficoltura’s products in the USA. Their company produces the most valuable truffle varieties in the Piceno area, in the southern part of Marche region, Central Italy.
Vanda owes everything to truffles just like her family, including this working experience in the United States. Her mission is to provide the American market with the highest quality of fresh truffles and to fight against truffle-flavored products with synthetic aromas and educate customers on consumption of real truffles.
Would you like to know more about Vanda and her family? Please, read the article posted on the Huffington Post Canada or visit angellozzi.it